SPF has 3 types of expansions – Left, Right and Front Board. All CPUs are expandable in all 3 types. For left side and front board, only 1 expansion is possible (refer catalog for available modules). For right side, one cpu can support only 6 modules out of which maximum 3 modules could be analog.

When shipped from factory, the dip switch for the battery is switched off therefore the blinking light. To turn it on, turn off the PLC and remove the front board cover. Turn the dip switch upwards and restart the power cycle.

SPF supports Modbus protocol and Open protocol over RS485, RS232 and Ethernet.

Yes, but only with Fuji PLC or POD.

Yes, but only with Fuji PLC or POD.

SPF can be programmed using 2 programming softwares – SX Programmer Standard(v3) and SX Programmer Expert(D300). Using both the softwares we can take the PLC online via

  1. Communication cable NA0H-CUV(Port 0 – inbuilt port),
  2. Communication board(Port 1 and Port 2 – on front board),
  3. Communication module(Port 3 and Port 4 – on left side module)

There are 256/ 512 counters in 14,24/32,40,60 respectively and 8 hardware counters – max 8 pts@200kHz(High speed) and max 8 pts @20/16.6KHz(medium speed) – Refer Hardware manual FEH526.

Upto 4 servos can be controlled through one SPF CPU (advanced unit). The pulse output frequency will be 200 KHz.

Yes. This is known as online editing. This feature is available in SPF.

Yes. SPF has both online and offline simulation.

Yes. PID function block is available in SPF. The output for PID FB is analog.

SPF has only sink output in advanced unit (transistor type) whereas output is configurable by wiring in basic unit (relay type).

Each CPU can support upto 5 communication ports (Port 0 to Port 5)


Yes. But the modules with Ethernet port are not compatible.

SPF supports Automatic Feed Back feature. This can be used for offline simulation wherein the simulation is not controlled manually but controlled automatically.

SPF software SX-Programmer Standard(v3) supports Simulation Panel feature. The user can make a simulation panel wherein data entry and status display is possible (similar to HMI). This is generally used in online simulation.

We can communicate upto 15 SPF CPUs by CPU link. CPU link can transfer upto 32 words.